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158. Five Strategies for Defeating Distractions

It’s Friday morning, and you promised your PI a draft of your paper before the weekend. The trouble is, you lost a lot of time this week to distractions.

Monday you had lab meeting and a few other planning sessions. Tuesday you worked from home but got sucked into cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry instead of writing.

You don’t remember why Thursday wasn’t more productive. You started out the day feeling anxious about the deadline, and then spend a few hours (hours?!) online shopping to numb the anxiety.

And here you are on Friday with less than 7 hours left until your deadline and your stress levels are maxed out. So why is it that your main desire is to watch videos on TikTok?

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157. The Three Mentors You Need

Most graduate students look on their research advisors as a mentor – hoping for guidance on science, career, and life in general.

But even a superstar PI can’t provide that kind of comprehensive mentorship for all students all the time, and those stellar advisors are rare indeed.

That’s why EVERY student needs to think about identifying and building relationships with three distinct types of mentor through graduate school and beyond.

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156. How to Identify and Avoid Predatory Journals

It starts innocently enough with an email.

This mail is with reference of your article published in the Journal of Cell Science, which is of good quality and making a good impact in the research field. In which you provided this email address to contact you.

We would be glad if you submit your manuscript to our journal, we do accept and publish Research/Review/Case reports/Mini review/Commentaries, round the year.

Unfortunately, if you fall for the scam and submit your next manuscript to this predatory journal, you’ll lose both your money, AND your research.

This week, we talk with Dr. Antonio Peramo, PhD of, about predatory journals and how YOU can identify and avoid them.

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155. How to Plan A Seminar or Scientific Event

At some point in your graduate training, you’ll want to host an event.

For many students, that will mean inviting a speaker for a special seminar. For others, it might be an outreach event or a departmental retreat.

But no matter the purpose, you’ll probably feel a little lost as you try to nail down all the details during weeks or months of preparation.

We can’t make every scientist a certified event planner, but we’re here with a step-by-step guide for making your seminar or gathering a roaring success!

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