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Graduate Training

Blog: Materials & Methods

A blog created by the faculty and students of the Vanderbilt Biomedical Graduate programs (IGP and QCB) in order to help young scientists navigate the unique challenges of searching for and beginning graduate school.

Career Development

beyond the lab

Video Series: Beyond the Lab

Curious about what biomedical PhDs do for their career? In the “Beyond the Lab” video series, the BRET Office of Career Development interviews Vanderbilt PhD and postdoctoral alumni about their career path.

Mental Health

academic mental health collective

Academic Mental Health Collective

The Academic Mental Health Collective (AMHC) was formed in 2016, with the aim of providing a resource for graduate students who struggle with mental illness (including but not limited to anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, addictions, and so on). Everyone on the AMHC team is either a grad student or former grad student.