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scoring bad advisors

038: Why aren’t bad research advisors held accountable?

You’ve either heard the stories, or worse, you’ve lived them.

They’re stories of the research advisors who scream at their students in front of the whole department.

The PIs who put two or three postdocs on the same project, expecting only one to succeed.

The ‘mentor’ who makes you feel like you’re not even qualified to wash the glassware.

So why do academic institutions allow such bad behavior to continue year in, and year out?  Why aren’t bad PIs accountable?

scoring bad advisors

The fact is, they ARE accountable for things like getting grants, publishing papers, and participating in scientific discourse.  But it seems no one is measuring mentorship and that leaves students and postdocs with nowhere to turn when things go wrong.

Nurture vs. Torture

In this episode, we explore the broken system of academic mentorship, and how it can turn the wide-eyed excitement of a first-year grad student into depression, anxiety, and a vow never to work at the bench again.

We’ll tell you how to identify, and avoid, toxic research advisors before you commit to 5+ years.  We also discuss alternatives if you should find yourself locked into a bad PI relationship.

And if none of that works, at least we can have some fun finding HOT research advisors on!


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One thought to “038: Why aren’t bad research advisors held accountable?”

  1. Hi Hello PhD,

    I’m going to have an interview with my perspective advisor for PhD and I was wondering if it is okay to mention the previous PI’s not accountable experience during the master’s program and it resulted in my decision to shift in different thesis lab.


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