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100. The One Where We Celebrate (R)

Graduate training has many milestones, but a few stand stronger in memory due to their importance.

You may remember the day you passed your comprehensive exams, officially becoming a ‘PhD Candidate.’ Or maybe you’ll remember the day you saw a paper you co-authored published in your favorite journal. 

And of course, every PhD remembers their defense – presenting years worth of work to an audience and receiving the committees’ blessing to graduate.

After each event, it’s important to take a moment to celebrate the achievement before pushing toward the next goal.  Maybe that means gathering with friends, popping a bottle of bubbly, and remembering the road that brought you to this point.

Well, at least that’s what we do with a milestone.  This week, we celebrate 100 Episodes of Hello PhD with a few of the friends we’ve met along the way.

Make a Toast

We start the Episode with a half-bottle of Guy Larmandier Cramant Grand Cru  Brut Blanc de Blancs.  This champagne is bubbly and light, with a touch of sweetness.

Just like our banter. ::ba dum shish::

And then, the guests begin to arrive!

Emily Roberts, PhD

First, we’re joined by Emily Roberts from Personal Finance for PhDs.  She’s been a frequent guest on the show, and she shares her secret for the perfect deviled eggs: get someone else to peel them.

She also gives us some quick pointers on tracking your spending and creating a budget in graduate school, and why that’s so important. “Tracking your spending will actually help you change your behavior passively.” she says.  “Graduate students should keep an eye on their irregular expenses.”

Emily also told us about her new podcast covering personal finance – you can check it out here:

Next, we’re visited by Randy Ribaudo and Larry Petcovic, the minds and personalities behind SciPhDRandy and Larry travel the country teaching scientists how to develop and translate their skills into an industry setting.

Randy Ribaudo, PhD

“Scientists don’t necessarily take advantage of the incredible experiences they have in solving problems, managing risk and delivering reliable results, which is really what companies are looking for,” Randy reminded us.

Larry adds, “In todays world, you are really also data analysts.  The data game is becoming bigger and bigger.  In many ways you have an advantage because you have experience already with working with data when you go into that first job.  A lot of folks don’t.”

To hear more tips for making it in industry, you can listen to Episode 079 or catch Randy and Larry in one of their on-site programs.

Mónica Feliú-Mójer, PhD

Next to the door is Mónica Feliú-Mójer from iBiology and Ciencia Puerto Rico.  Mónica last visited back in Episode 92, where she talked about some tough decisions she made to stay in grad school and finish her degree.  She shares a flan, some twice-fried tostones, and practical tips for finding mentors to help you succeed in your career. 

Doug Largent

Surprise guest Doug Largent drops by next.  Doug’s jazz trio plays the song that opens every episode of Hello PhD.  It’s a tune called “High ‘N’ Low” by a little known jazz organist named Baby Face Willette.

Doug tells us more about the composer and how he discovered the song and decided to record it. 

He also tells us about a new project he’s working on with Jo Gore.  While we eagerly await that album, you can find him playing live in the Raleigh-Durham area with show dates at his website:

Dara Wilson-Grant, Licensed Professional Counselor

The doorbell rings and it’s Dara Wilson-Grant from Episode 27 where she talked about stepping off the tenure track. She shares some hummus and some advice.

Don’t get so caught up in ‘making the wrong decision.’  Sometimes we get so afraid of making the wrong decision that it prevents us from making any decision at all. “

“No decision is final. You can always make an adjustment. You can always change course.  The only bad decision is when you decide to stay in something when it no longer fits.  That’s a bad decision.”

Susanna Harris

And last but not least, we’re joined by Susanna Harris, who joined us in Episode 93 to talk about mental health and her work with the PhD_epression Instagram group.  She’s also launched a website:

She shares a tip for keeping a “Bullet Journal” which is a cross between an agenda and a journal of personal feelings.  It helps to manage stress by getting looming deadlines written down so your mind doesn’t waste energy worrying about them.

While we go mingle with our guests, we want to thank YOU, our listeners, readers, supporters and friends for all of your help over the last 100 episodes.  We rely on your questions and suggestions to keep the conversation moving toward a happier, more inclusive, more productive future of scientific training.

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